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Coaches / Volunteer Charter

We are immensely grateful for the dedication and selfless contribution of our coaches and volunteers. Without their time and effort, the club would not exist. This charter outlines our commitment to creating a positive and inclusive environment for all players, aged 6 to 18, and their parents. We passionately believe in football for all, where bravery, positivity, and support are key values. We promote good citizenship and strongly condemn all forms of bullying, discrimination, and negative behaviour. Our playing philosophy prioritizes player development and fun over results. By adhering to this charter, we aim to provide a nurturing and enjoyable football experience for everyone involved

  1. Respect and Fair Play:

1.1. We, as managers, coaches and volunteers, will treat all players, parents, officials, and opponents with utmost respect, fairness, and courtesy always.

1.2. We will encourage our players to respect the rules of the game, opponents, and officials. We will lead by example, emphasizing fair play, good sportsmanship, and positive behaviour.

1.3. We will actively discourage any form of bullying, discrimination, or unsportsmanlike conduct. Every player, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or background, should feel safe and welcome within our club.

  2. Development over Results:

2.1. Our primary focus is on the development and progress of our players. We will create a supportive and constructive learning environment that helps players improve their skills, knowledge, and understanding of the game.

2.2. We will provide equal opportunities for all players to participate and develop, regardless of their ability level. We believe in nurturing their potential and encouraging a growth mindset.

2.3. While winning is important, it is not our sole objective. We will prioritize player enjoyment, personal growth, and teamwork over the final score. Celebrating effort, improvement, and good sportsmanship is crucial to fostering a positive atmosphere.

 3. Fun and Enjoyment:

3.1. We will create a fun and enjoyable football experience for all players. We believe that enjoyment is fundamental to long-term engagement and development in the sport.

3.2. We will design training sessions and matches that are challenging, engaging, and age-appropriate, allowing players to learn and develop while having fun.

3.3. We will encourage a positive and supportive atmosphere, where players feel motivated and empowered. Mistakes will be seen as opportunities for learning, and encouragement and praise will be used to build confidence.

 4. Community Engagement:

4.1. We expect all players, parents, and coaches to be exemplary members of the community. Respect for others, both on and off the pitch, is essential.

4.2. We will actively promote community involvement and encourage our players to contribute positively to their local community through football-related activities, charity events, or volunteering opportunities.

4.3. We will engage in open and transparent communication with parents, providing regular updates, feedback, and opportunities for discussion. Parental involvement and support are highly valued.

 5. Coaches' Commitment to the Wider Club:

5.1. Each coach and manager within Romsey Town Youth Football Club is an invaluable member of the wider club community. We acknowledge and deeply appreciate the time and effort coaches dedicate to the children without monetary compensation.

5.2. Coaches and managers are encouraged to attend club events, support other teams, and actively engage in the club's activities. By doing so, coaches demonstrate their commitment to the club and contribute to its success.

 6. Consequences for Failure to Support Club Philosophy and Engagement:

6.1. It is essential that all coaches and managers align with and actively support the club's philosophy and engage in the

wider club activities. Failure to do so may have consequences based on the severity and frequency of the misconduct.

6.2. We want to emphasize that any consequences resulting from a failure to support the club's philosophy or engage in the wider club activities are intended to uphold the values and standards we hold dear. However, we also want to recognize the immense value and gratitude we have for our coaches and managers. We acknowledge that they generously volunteer their time and effort for the benefit of the children and the club.

6.3. The consequences for failure to support the club's philosophy or engage in the wider club may include, but are not limited to, the following:

6.3.1. Not being prioritized when considering training times for the next season.

6.3.2. Limited participation in club events, such as tournaments and social gatherings.

6.3.3. Loss of coaching responsibilities for the following season or a specific period.

6.3.4. Suspension from coaching activities for a determined duration.

6.3.5. In severe cases or repeated failure to adhere to the club's philosophy, being asked to leave the club.

 7. Coach Support and Development:

7.1. Romsey Town Youth Football Club wholeheartedly appreciates and recognizes the invaluable contributions of our coaches. We are committed to supporting their growth and development.

7.2. We will provide opportunities for coaches to enhance their coaching skills and knowledge through training programs, workshops, mentorship, and resources.

7.3. We encourage coaches to actively seek feedback, guidance, and engage in continuous professional development to further improve their coaching abilities.

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