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Parents Charter

Welcome to Romsey Town Youth Football Club! As a community grassroots football club, we hold lofty expectations for our players and aim to provide a positive and supportive environment for their growth. We believe in football for all, and it is important that everyone associated with our club upholds the following principles and values. This Parent Charter is designed to outline our expectations and encourage a collaborative approach in nurturing the development of our young players.

  1. Promote Bravery, Positivity, and Support: We expect all parents to encourage their children to be brave on and off the field. Emphasize the importance of pushing themselves, taking risks, and learning from both successes and failures. Foster a positive mindset, promoting good sportsmanship, and encouraging players to support and uplift their teammates.

  2. Be Good Members of the Community: We strongly emphasize the value of being good members of the community. Teach your children the importance of respect, integrity, and inclusivity. Discourage any form of bullying, discrimination, or disrespectful behaviour. Our club is built on a foundation of fairness, equality, and respect for all individuals, both within and outside the club.

  3. Support, Not Criticize: As parents, your role is to support and encourage your child throughout their football journey. Avoid criticizing players, coaches, or other parents. Instead, focus on providing positive reinforcement, constructive feedback, and a nurturing environment that helps them thrive. Remember, our players are children, and they deserve understanding and encouragement.

  4. Trust and Support the Coaches: Our resolute coaches work tirelessly to develop the skills and talents of our young players. Trust their expertise, experience, and coaching methods. Avoid undermining their authority or questioning their decisions during matches or training sessions. Support their efforts and create a positive environment that allows them to guide the players effectively.

  5. Keep Things in Perspective: While we take football seriously, it is crucial to keep things in perspective. Remember that our club's primary focus is the development and enjoyment of our young players. Avoid placing excessive pressure on your child or obsessing over winning at all costs. Encourage a balanced approach that promotes growth, teamwork, and fun.

  6. Volunteer and Contribute: Romsey Town Youth Football Club relies on the collective effort of volunteers to operate smoothly. Each team is expected to have parents who actively contribute to the wider club for a minimum of a few hours per year. Volunteer your time, skills, or resources to support the club's activities, events, or fundraisers. Together, we can create a vibrant and thriving football community for our children. We ask for a minimum of a couple of hours a season. If this happens, we will have over two thousand hours of support which can help keep this club great!

  7. Communication via Group WhatsApp: To ensure effective communication, at least one parent per child will be added to a group-wide WhatsApp group. This group will be used solely for important messages and updates regarding the club, such as match schedules, training changes, and event notifications. Parents will not be able to comment in this group but will only receive information. It is essential that parents check the messages regularly and stay informed about club-related matters.

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