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Our Philosophy

Our Values at Romsey Town Youth Football Club aim to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for boys and girls to play football and be part of a progressive and player-centred club, and support them to be the best they can be

Our Ethos is simple – Players First, Results Second.

We want our volunteer team officials and players to ensure that our core Values and Beliefs are demonstrated at all times. These are;

• Respect

• Willingness to Learn

• Creative and Courageous


Our children / players are in an environment where they can play with freedom. An environment where mistakes are not seen as a negative, but an attempt to try new things – look past the mistake to the intent.

An environment where players explore, develop and learn through working hard, and playing in practices which look like ‘the game’ and facilitate maximum ball contact time. We believe we need to equip the players with the refined technical and tactical information to deal with various situations and ‘pictures’ they will experience. It is then up to them to become creative decision makers and solve problems on the pitch.

Across all players and ages, we aim to support and deliver learning through play to all our players, so they can demonstrate the positive characteristics we expect to underpin these, and as such expect all our players to uphold the following:

• Be confident, expressive and brave in possession

• Display enthusiasm and encourage your team-mates

• No sulking or showing a negative attitude

• Stay relaxed in all situations

• Have the ‘toolbox’ and ability to keep possession in tight areas

• Play with your ‘eyes up’ wherever possible

• Become a decision-maker who seeks to apply the right option at the right time

• Show a desire and hunger to win the ball back

• Maintain good body strength and physicality when competing and tackling 

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