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Our Football Pathway

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As children progress and get older, there is the opportunity to continue their development with our Partners at Romsey Town FC.

We are delighted that this is now relevant to both boys and girls from season 23/24

Andy Samuels Romsey Town Manager

Andy Samuels - Romsey Town 1st Team Manager

"Its really important to me that the adult clubs and the Youth set up work really closely together and create a sustainable pathway. I pride myself of the number of young players that I have given debuts to in the 1st team and I hope to continue that over the coming seasons"

Paul King Romsey Town Youth Chairman

Paul King - RTYFC Chairman and Coach

"It used to be a frustration of ours that some children and parents used to feel that they needed to leave the club as they got slightly older to ensure they had a pathway to decent, adult football.

It is great that this obvious pathway exists and I can't wait to see more and more members of the youth set up contributing to the success of the adult clubs"

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