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Our Story

Providing 'Football for all' for over 50 years, we believe in developing good footballers as well as 'good human beings'.

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Established in 1972

The club was originally founded in 1972 as Tadburn Boys by a local police officer, with the aim of providing local boys with an outlet for fun, channelling their energy, and keeping them away from trouble.

The 1970s proved to be a golden era for the early Tadburn teams, who displayed remarkable strength across all age groups. Trophies were won consistently, and by the mid-seventies, the Tadburn name had become synonymous with youth football excellence in southern Hampshire.

The Spirit of '76

In 1976, Tadburn adopted its iconic yellow and blue strip. This distinctive kit was generously donated to the club following the success of Southampton Football Club in the FA Cup, where they triumphed over Manchester United. The away strip worn by Southampton was gifted to the unstoppable and undefeated Tadburn Under 10s team.

Evolution and Growth

The club has embraced progress and inclusivity throughout its history. In 2000, it changed its name from Tadburn Boys to Tadburn Youth Football Club (Tadburn YFC), signalling a commitment to encompassing both boys and girls in its ranks. This shift allowed girls of all ages to join and be part of the club's journey.

In 2011, a significant rebranding took place, and the club officially became known as Romsey Town Youth FC. This change marked a new chapter in its storied history while retaining its dedication to youth development and community engagement.

Pathway to Success

Romsey Town Youth FC has not only nurtured talented youth players but also established pathways for their progression. As players mature, they now can pursue men's football within Romsey Town's ranks in the Wessex League. This provides a natural transition for aspiring athletes, enabling them to continue their football journey at a more competitive level.

In addition, Romsey Town has also established Romsey Town Ladies, creating a platform for female players to highlight their skills and compete in the women's game. This expansion exemplifies the club's commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for players of all genders.

Present Achievements

The club's dedication to excellence and inclusivity has yielded remarkable results. Romsey Town Youth FC boasts eight teams in the prestigious JPL (Junior Premier League), a testament to the exceptional talent and commitment within the club. In addition to these elite squads, Romsey Town Youth FC has expanded its reach, nurturing over fifty teams in total. This growth would not be possible without the tireless efforts of approximately 150 resolute volunteers and the participation of more than five hundred players.

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