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Season Kick Off!

So, the new season has started for nearly all of our teams. Our girls leagues kick off this weekend.

A massive thank you to all parents, volunteers and players for getting so organised over the summer.

It is a mammoth task to get our 48 teams and 540 players fully ready for the season. The kit ordering, the registrations, the multiple systems, the new rules from the leagues, the volunteering requirements etc all create a big workload that is undertaken by just a few people (who are volunteers themselves), and without them, the club would not be able to function. So 'Thank You' to all of those who have made it happen.

It would be amiss of me to not remind everyone at this time about our clubs philosophy to football. If I was to summarise it in one word, it would be 'Bravery'. Being brave with the ball. Brave in defending. Brave in challenging each other to get the best out of our players and help the children develop as humans.

With over 540 children, that means we have way north of 1000 other 'interested parties'. Mums, Dads, Step-parents, grandparents, siblings and important others.

And on the touchlines, one of the biggest challenges we have in previous years in those 'interested parties' offering confusing guidance to the children.

Our coaches will be trying to use the philosophy.

If Messi would of 'Got rid of it!', 'Kick it long!', 'Don't play in there!' etc, then he would never have become Messi.

Please allow the children to make mistakes. Please support them in all that they do and support the messages of the coaching teams.

I cannot hide the fact that if there are challenges during a season around discipline or behaviour, it usually comes from parents and grandparents etc. Please try not to be that person.

But most importantly, please enjoy watching your children develop in their sporting and interpersonal skills.

Football is the best game in the world when people have a smile on their face.

Lets please keep in a positive environment and help our children enjoy it.

Have a great season.


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